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Kids Martial Arts Classes in Portland

We believe that for children to be healthy and happy, and to excel in their education and other activities, they need a strong foundation. This foundation is based upon a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, good language and math skills, self-discipline and a constructive attitude. This is the traditional Chinese approach to raising children.

Chinese Martial Arts provides an excellent form of exercise, which helps a child develop cardiovascular endurance, physical strength and flexibility. But equally important are the attributes of self-discipline, respect for self and others, determination, and the ability to focus. Taken as a whole, there are few sports that provide a more well-rounded set of benefits for a growing child.

For the teen or young adult, these benefits are augmented by enhanced proficiency in self-defense skills, as well as the opportunity to learn to be part of a team and gain martial arts competition-level training.

What are the Kids Martial Arts?

Increase Self-Esteem

Improve Fitness

Have Fun

Why Should You Join?

Our instructors are passionate about martial arts and share important lessons around discipline, fitness and focus – while demonstrating healthy lifestyles and a passion for their training. Students learn in an inclusive, positive environment as they improve their performance in class and in their daily lives. Watch yourself thrive in our program and find out more today.

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